The Parents Circle Families Forum - Dialogue Meeting Program

"I understood how similar we are, much more than I thought"


The Dialogue Meetings are our most important ongoing daily work on the ground. They enable us to reach more than 25,000 students annually. These meetings address Israeli and Palestinian students and adults.

 Since the second "Intifada" there is a whole generation who have never met the "other side" and the dialogue meetings may be their first encounter. After hearing the personal narratives and the joint message of an Israeli and a Palestinian representative from the PCFF there is a definite change in attitude and a willingness to explore the possibility of dialogue as an alternative to violence and an understanding of the needs of the other.

We know that these encounters work by the interesting and often very poignant feedback forms students fill in at the end of the meeting:

- "This meeting was very important because everyone should understand that Jews and Palestinians are similar human beings. The only difference between them is their nationality. I hope that there will be peace and reconciliation."

- "In my opinion to meet a Palestinian that lost an immediate family member is very important. This allows us to see another perspective and not just ours. It also helps to understand the other side."

- "This was a fascinating encounter. I never had a dialogue or met a Palestinian in the past. It was an eye opening experience which gave me a different perspective. I discovered things which I never believed happen on the other side and also their willingness to reconcile. This gave me so much hope and caused me to look at things differently."

- "One cannot take for granted the meeting of Palestinians and Israelis who have lost their loved ones; this motivates me to meet with Palestinians"

- "To hear the other side and to see that there is a platform for dialogue gives me hope that there is a chance for peace"

Please Contact Us and we will be happy to coordinate and schedule a meeting in Israel Palestine and abroad. You can also host a screening of Two Sided Story in your community and inspire local dialogue on peace and reconciliation  


We thank the following organizations for supporting our dialogue meetings (2011):
Kerk In Actie/Icco; Diakone; World Vision - for education program; Belgium Embassy.


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